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CB Antenna Springs - Super Heavy Duty Barrel

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Super Heavy-Duty CB Radio Antenna Barrel Spring

While designed for any antenna size, the Super Heavy-Duty CB Antenna Spring from CB Radio Supply is exceptional for any antenna taller than four feet. The spring is rigid and provides needed flexibility to avoid antenna breakage or vehicle damage. The Super Heavy-Duty CB Antenna Spring fits all standard CB Radio antennas and mounting studs.

As always, CB Radio Supply is your one-stop CB Shop. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions about this product or others we sell.

Radio Features & Specs:

  • Super Heavy-Duty Spring for Antennas Taller Than Four Feet
  • Perfect for 102 Inch Whips
  • Can be Used with Large Antennas from Monkey Made or Predator
  • 3/8" x 24 thread
  • Rigid Frame with Maximum Flexibility
  • Tool-Free Installation
  • Stainless Steel Design