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CB Radio Accessories - Workman SWR-3P SWR/RF CB Radio Antenna Dual Test Meter w/ 3' RG58 Coax Cable

by workman
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Workman SWR-3P SWR/RF CB Radio Antenna Dual Test Meter w/ 3' RG58 Coax Cable 

If you're serious about CB radios, you probably know that SWR readings matter. Because a higher than recommended SWR will significantly reduce the range of your communications and can potentially do a lot of damage to your radio. It's a good idea to have an external SWR meter on hand, even if your radio already has a built-in one. In this way you can double check readings for greater peace of mind. As an added advantage, external meters are often larger and more user-friendly than built-in meters, making them easier to monitor. The Workman SWR-3P Dual Test Meter has an easy to read display with two analog meters that not only allow you to keep tabs on the standing wave ratio, but also the output power of your radio. The SWR-3P can also be used to measure field strength.

And because we know that it's not nice to realize afterwards that you still need a little piece of hardware to complete a set-up, we are now including a 3 foot RG58 Coax Jumper Cable as part of the kit, so that you can connect your Workman SWR-3P Dual Test Meter to your radio without any hassle.

CB Radio tester Features and Specifications:
  • Compact SWR/RF Power Meter
  • Can Also Be Used to Determine Field Strength
  • Includes Antenna for Field Strength Meter
  • Switch to Measure RF Power at 0-10 Watts or 0-100 Watts
  • Frequency Range: 1.7 MHz to 30 MHz
  • 52 ohm Impedance
  • 2x SO-239 UHF Connectors to Connect to the Antenna and Radio
  • 3 Foot RG58 Coax Jumper Cable Included
  • Dimensions: 5 inches x 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches
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