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We will Price match most competitors!!!!
We will Price match most competitors!!!!

Having Trouble with Your CB Radio Installation (Part 2)?

This is part two of our two-part series talking about CB Radio installations. If you haven’t read part one yet, make sure to do that to learn about the basics of installation as well as the importance of a SWR test. In this part, we’ll specifically talk about some situations that you would like to avoid. 

Antenna Positioning – You want to make sure your antenna is properly placed so that it can receive the best signal possible. This includes 
  • Making sure the antenna load is above the roofline
  • Making sure the antenna is not sandwiched between antennae
  • Do not mount antennas to pick-up truck toolboxes unless you know how to ground the antenna system.
  • A No ground antenna system like the Firestik FG4-648-B works well in this application just be sure the antenna tip is above the roofline.
  • Do not mount antennas to bumpers, Bumbers a very hard to get a good ground 
  • Do not mount antennas close to other antennas always try to keep them 6ft or wider from each other
  • Manually shortening antennas (cutting them, etc) in order to make them fit your garage height 
Mounts – These are relatively easier compared to the antenna itself, but it still plays a part in the whole installation process. Make sure to: 
  • Use grounded mounts for ground plane reliant antennas (conversely do not use no-ground-plane antenna grounded to a mount)
  • To not use glass mounted antennas just for the aesthetic. Glass mounted antennas seldom work and if they do the performance is awful.
  • A good magnet mount antenna is always a great solution for pick up trucks, SUV's and standard 4 wheel vehicles. The new Stryker SR-A10MM deluxe Magnet Mount is a great choice. Customer can not stop raving about these antennas and the performance.
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